Why You Should Eat Like Iris

I have always liked cooking and, funnily enough, my weak point in the kitchen is to follow recipes! There! I said it! A recipe blogger who doesn’t like to follow recipes?!

Well, this is exactly what actually got me to the point to create this food blog. Through trial and error (my friends and family sometimes have to endure my not so great new tastes…) I can share with you my healthy twists and meal ideas.

You may be wondering why I think you should eat like me…

You see, self-inflicted diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s are the reasons I lost 4 much loved family members. Nowadays, nearly everyone knows someone who lost a family member from one of these diseases as they rank very high in the top 10 list of reasons for premature death, together with some types of cancer and mental health disorders.

Personally, I went through a period in my life when I suffered from sudden onset tachycardia. I would just sit at home, not doing anything physical and boom! my heart would start to race like I was doing a sprint.

It was really scary… After nearly a year of ambulance calls, tests and trips to the hospital the diagnosis was this: stress. I was prescribed beta-blockers to control my tachycardia and advised to “take it easy, don’t stress”.

Well, easily said than done; especially when I couldn’t pinpoint one thing that would stress me that much to need medication! Again, stress and depression is part of many peoples’ “seemingly stress-less” lives. I say “seemingly” because for me my life was fantastic. I had a good salary, I was planning my wedding, I had good social circle. Many people would think that my life was not stressful. Our busy schedules and high expectations from society, though, don’t allow time for exploring and settling our feelings; making us hold them inside, hidden even from our own selves.

But don’t worry!! It’s not all doom and gloom.

The good news is that not only we can avoid developing these diseases but we can also reverse them! Not only we can unearth our anxieties but we can release them!


I identify myself as a Reducetarian. This means that I am actively trying to reduce my consumption of animal derived products and replace it with plants. For me, this is a natural occurrence which happened when I started to learn about the connection between meat consumption and the development of self-inflicting diseases.

Being a Reducetarian means that I am not putting pressure on myself to restrict choice because I know…when I can’t have it, this is when I really want it! Though, knowing about the quality of your food makes you mindful of the choices you make.

Exactly this is the essence of my blog and my inspiration is Dr Greger’s book called “How Not to Die” which I highly recommend reading.

Body and Mind – Holistic life

After analysing my internal self with a help of a psychologist I decided to explore ways to become mindful. This is when I developed my love for yoga!

And guess what!

Exactly one year later I was off medication and never needed it again! I can now understand how my mind expresses itself and how this translates into my body. I can follow the cues that my body uses to let me know that a situation is stressing me. And the best thing is that I know ways to feel good again. I learn to allow my mind to strengthen my body and my body to heal my mind.

All with following a healthy and balanced life which I am ready to share with you.

How about that! 🙂

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